• Why I Buried Treasure

    My name is Why I, I am a pirate on the high seas.


    I lived in Bangkok in Thailand in a small wooden hut near the sea.  The only food I could eat was coconuts which fell out of the trees and fish which I caught from the sea.  Life wasn’t very exciting so one day I decided to build myself a ship and sail around the world.


    I called the ship AFWC and carved this name on to the side. I set sail for Australia in search of some excitement. 


  • My Writing

    My Writing Pages

    I have always had an interest in literature. I have often written poetry and sometimes short stories. It was not until I went to University in 2003 that I had the opportunity to study writing in more depth.

    As the minor part of my degree I studied Creative writing. This may seem like a strange thing to choose next to IT, however I believe any good web site needs good content, well written content can be improved by a bit of study, there in lies the connection.